About Us

Since 1999, The Ozroll Group has become the Australian market leader in the field of Aluminium Louvre, Plantation Shutter and Roller Shutter Manufacture. Further to this, we also offer an exclusive array of 12V drive systems and produce our own range of high quality Paints, Renders and Textures.


The Story

Ozroll headquarters are situated in Dry Creek, South Australia, 5 km north of the CBD. It was on this site, in 1999, where a small team of local, handpicked industry professionals were assembled to operate two production facilities. One was named Acryloc, where a range of high quality paints, renders and textures are produced; the other is home to the Rollashield, which to this day is still Australias largest Roller Shutter Manufacturer.

Following the inception, Ozroll placed great emphasis on producing products of the highest quality and, with this in mind, continued investing heavily into the manufacturing process; with significant outlays on machinery, including German roll formers purchased from the industries global market leader. In the year 2000 Ozroll appeared at the R+T trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, which would be the first, and to this date the only, Australian Roller Shutter manufacturer to display at the world’s leading trade fair for Roller Shutters, Doors/Gates and Sun Protection Systems.

Soon after the millennium, staff numbers had tripled and Ozroll was beginning to gain momentum nationally, primarily due to word of mouth. Ozroll then identified the opportunity to increase credibility and expand Roller Shutter awareness beyond what was, at that point in time, more or less a niche market in Australia. This period saw Ozroll implement a new level of professionalism into the industry, with the introduction of promotional tools for distributors, as well as an extensive marketing and technical support network.

The distribution of products is a joint venture, so rather than a vendor-consumer relationship, Ozroll prefers to view distributors as partners. With that in mind, Ozroll aspires to share in future success with its partners as it has done in the past; bringing with it the accommodating values that can be expected when dealing with an Australian family owned business.

Ozroll then designed a prototype that would impact not only the Australian Roller Shutter industry, but automation, worldwide. The product is known as the Ozroll Drive System (ODS); an exclusive 12 volt battery control unit which communicates with, and powers an exclusive lateral motor, named the L10. This system was designed as an alternative to manual controls, offering a simpler installation, simpler operation and far less maintenance for the consumer. It was during this year that Ozroll placed the product on display at the company’s second R+T appearance in Stuttgart. The response was incredible. Another investment was made; introducing a Bosch, purpose built production line with complete inline testing which was added to Ozroll manufacturing facility to produce the L10 motor. In 2005 the product was released into the international market and before long, Ozroll sales had substantially increased, demanding further expansion. In 2006 the product was on display, once again, at the R+T in Germany; provoking interest with some of the world most recognised industry giants. By 2007, the ODS was regularly distributed into almost every continent on the planet, including Asia, Africa, America and of course Europe. The demand was so overwhelming that Ozroll had a requirement for permanent foreign representation, which lead to the establishment of an office based in Frankfurt, Germany. Numerous enhancements and complimentary accessories were developed, and a new brand was born, the E-Series.

In 2009 a new brand was introduced; Solapowa. Solapowa aligned itself with only the best in Solar PV and would become South Australia’s sole distributor for the world’s most reputable PV manufacturer, Shneider Electric. Solapowa quickly became one of Australia’s largest Solar wholesalers, providing existing Ozroll distributors with the opportunity to diversify and expand their own product range while inviting those involved with renewable energy to sample synergistic industries, laying the groundwork for Ozroll to become a ‘one stop shop’.

The flow on effect of Ozroll endeavours for expansion lead to the acquisition of a Queensland based business, by the name of Shutter Concepts, in 2010. This business had already been established for 15 years and earned an excellent reputation for the manufacture of high quality Aluminium Louvre Shutters and Screens. Once again, the synergy was obvious, with specific benefits reflecting those of Roller Shutters, however, up until this point in time Aluminium Louvre’s had not yet experienced great exposure. So who better to involve themselves in a young market than an entity that had just experienced such great success in doing so with a similar product? Not only did Ozroll inherit a new manufacturing facility, a new product range and a large number of new employees; it also inherited the rights to one of Australia’s most recognised Roller Shutter brand names, Rollashield.

Ozroll’s Queensland facility became the hub for production of Premium Elipso Louvres and Privacy Screens. Then, in 2016, R&D commenced on the development of a unique Plantation Shutter range. Production began in early 2017 and by 2018 the INSPIRE range of Australian Made Plantation Shutters was in full swing, delivering another premium product in an industry best turnaround time.

It was then that we noted a demand for our E-Series components with outdoor blinds, in Australia and around the globe. Ozroll designed drive wheels to suit a range of different axle types and soon realised the potential to diversify yet again. A partnership was struck with a an established local brand named Slidetrack in early 2018 to distribute the blinds and by August another acquisition was agreed to. Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds offer the ultimate in style and functionality for enclosing alfresco areas, produced from Dry Creek, South Australia. The tracking system by Slidetrack is a patented extrusion, engineered to restrain outdoor blind skins with welded splines. The unique channel shape was designed specifically to encompass and guide the spline within a secure channel. These tracks offer not only strength and durability, they also provide an attractive finish by concealing the spline within the tracks and hiding the weld from view when installed. Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds can be supplied as components internationally and are available as a pre-assembled product, ready to install, in all metropolitan areas of Australia.

Ozroll wants to give retailers across the nation a choice of purchasing an Australian made product of the highest possible quality in the lowest possible turnaround time; once again providing our partners with the perfect opportunity to diversify, easily and in perfect timing with contemporary trends. New business development has become an Ozroll forte, so the question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ will Ozroll choose to diversify again.

Ozroll takes great pride in growth, particularly within Australia, primarily due to the creation of employment opportunities that go hand in hand with expansion; already employing hundreds of personnel within Australia, Ozroll hopes to continue the steady rise in direct employment, let alone the number of staff and sub-contractors that are consequently spawned as a result of business dealings.

Today, Ozroll stands as a perfect example of the industrious Australian work ethic and the goals achievable with persistence through innovation. From a humble beginning to a respected international participant in multiple industries; the accomplishments made in such a short time create excitement about the possibilities in future and Ozroll welcomes those who wish to join and work together in turning those possibilities into a reality.