Sentry Fireshield Extruded is now available to be ordered as a restrained shutter
with the release of our new AE401 Restrained Slat Inserts (10.485.408)
Cyclone Testing is currently being conducted and is near completion. Successful
testing will see the Sentry Fireshield Restrained shutter suitable for areas
susceptible to high winds and cyclone conditions.
A new Non Restrained AE Slat Insert (10.490.411) has been developed and
released for sale by Ozroll.
The inserts are designed to be held in place by two screws (part number
19.900.019), which will need to be ordered separately.
We will be sending out an email to our customers once we have the Sentry
Fireshield – Restrained Category Rating but please do not hesitate to contact us
at if you need any further information.

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